About Us

Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand's largest city, is rich in culture, arts, traditional handicrafts and cuisine. Formerly the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lanna, its history has helped form the traditions found in the region today. These traditions are deep-rooted in all aspects of life in Chiang Mai, bringing people from all over the world to visit. Consequently, northern Thai cuisine has become one of the most prominent of regional cuisines in Thailand.

We are a family-owned restaurant based on the traditions and recipes that have been passed down to us. Our goal is to serve authentic Thai cuisine that can be found in Chiang Mai including dishes that range from traditional to popular everyday street foods, as well as northern dishes not often found outside the homes in Chiang Mai.


We use natural, hormone and antibiotic-free meats and poultry, and sustainably-raised and responsible fish and seafood sources. Our purveyors include: Carlton Farms, Draper Valley Farms, Pacific Seafood, Columbia Empire Meat Company, and Bui's Natural Tofu.

We recommend ordering family-style to allow you to enjoy a balanced variety of dishes throughout your meal. Our northern dishes are also best enjoyed with sticky rice.

Hours & Location

We are located in Southeast Portland at the corner of Hawthorne Blvd and 32nd Avenue.

Monday — Thursday 11am 9pm
Friday 11am 9:30pm
Saturday 12pm 9:30pm
Sunday 12pm 9pm
Monday — Friday 11am 3pm
Happy Hour
Sunday — Thursday 3pm 6pm